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Mind-Boggling Offer – Send Your Profile to 10,000+ Translation Agencies

Do you need more translation jobs, let’s send your resume to 10k+ translation agencies world-wide

The successful translation business (Individual Freelancing & Agency) means Expert and Continuous Marketing. But collecting translation agencies’ data and sending regular emails to them is really a tedious job.

Here we come to help you, in order to bring more business to YOU, better relationship for you and finally a successful translation business.

Advertise your translation business, get more translation leads, send your profile to thousands of translation agencies in bulk, and be successful as a translation provider.

Our team has worked hard for building and verifying this 10,000+ (and growing) translation agencies details which are accepting linguists.

  • Sending your PROFILE to 10,000+ verified translation agencies
  • Posting your LOGO/Picture on Lingual Expert for 6 Months (On Rotation Basis)
  • Posting write-up/blog on LX Blogs Page
  • Priority Job Notification
  • Unlimited Job Apply on LX Portal
  • 1 Year Membership of Lingual Expert
  • LX Badge (See Sample –
  • LX Profile with Featured Member (See Sample –

Above all, we offer at the fraction of a market price with huge discount.

Market Price: $300.00

Our Regular Price: $250

BUT our discount offer is only 150/- USD for all the above services.

+1 (408) 520-9083

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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